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African Greys

bulletCommunication with Parrots: The Alex Foundation Home Page
Alex, the African Grey by Dr. Irene Pepperberg, PhD
bulletAfrican Grey Parrot Farm
Texas breeder with a focus on African parrots + Grey pics
bulletFull Nest Aviary
Congo (Cameroon) African Greys
bulletIt's a Grey's World
An educational aid for understanding and caring for Greys
bulletOnline Book of Parrots - Genus Psittacus
Nice Parrot reference book, marked for the African Grey
bulletEinstein The Talking Grey
Impressive Grey mimicry
bulletBritannica African Grey
Great information on Greys

Budgerigars & Bourke's Parrot

bulletBudgie Webring
Webring of Budgerigar owners and breeders
bulletSinging Wings Aviary
Good info on the Bourke's Parrot
bulletThe Budgie and Parakeet Place
A website for budgie lovers
bulletThe Finch Farm
Nice place for the Bourke's Parrot


Great cockatiel information on care
bulletCockatiel Cottage
Cockatiel general information, Cockatiel care, and extra information
bulletCockatiel Paradise
bulletGreeson's Sweet Spot
Cockatiels plus....
bulletTame Pet Cockatiel Guide
Malaysia Site with great information


bulletAcadiana Aviaries
Specialize in Zebra Finch
bulletFinch Information Center
Good Finch articles
bulletFinch Niche
Rare Finches
bulletFinch World
Good information, and list of species with description
bulletFrisky Finches
Gouldian Finches
bulletNew England Exotic Finches
Rare Finches
bulletThe Exotic Finches of Naples Florida
Many Finches for sale

Magazines & Reference

bulletAssociation of Avian Veterinarians
Avian Vet information plus a locator
Information for the bird breeder - Plus
bulletBioinfo Animal Picture Archive
Good picture resource, including birds
bulletGenetic Calculator
Bird Breeder's Genetic Calculator (very useful)
bulletBirdTalk Online
BirdTalk Magazine
bulletBudgerigar World
Budgerigar Magazine
bulletCITES Database
List of endangered/threatened animals (birds)
bulletCompanion Parrot
Advice for people and their pet birds - by Sally Blanchard
bulletCornell Laboratory of Ornithology
THE ULTIMATE in bird research
bulletFinch Information
Magazine articles
bulletHoward Voren's Pages
Papers by Aviculturist Howard Voren
bulletMargaret A. Wissman, DVM, DABVP
Author and lecturer on avian and exotic animal medicine (Avian Veterinarian used by Kinary Aviaries)
bulletNational Audubon Society
Bird Conservation plus....
bulletNet Vet
Find a local Avian Vet
bulletThe Parrot Pages
A home for Avian information
bulletWinged Wisdom
On line magazine with featured articles

Other Bird Breeders

bulletBird Breeders
Several different breeders by State
bulletBignest Aviary
Both Congo and Timneh Greys shown, plus more
bulletCozy Corners Bird Farm
Many different exotic birds
bulletCockatiel & Cockatoo World
Cockatoos, Cockatiels and Derbyan Parakeets
bulletHookbill Haven Aviary
Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Pionus and Conures: Tennessee
bulletMargie's Marvelous Birds
Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Conures, Cockatiels and African Parrots
bulletOld World Aviaries
Birds and MANY, MANY bird related Links
bulletPlanned Parrothood
Umbrella, Moluccan and Goffin Cockatoos, Conures, Cockatiels and Amazons
bulletRockport Roost
Conure Parrots: Texas
bulletSandy Ridge Aviaries
Macaws, Cockatoos and Eclectus Parrots
bulletShady Pines Aviary
Parrotlets and Caiques
bulletWildwood Aviaries
Eclectus Parrots

Pet Bird Sites

bulletBirds n Ways
Bird products and supplies
bulletThe Pet Bird Page (Parrots)
Source of parrot types
bulletWorld of Exotic Pet Birds
Library of exotic pet birds

Bird Related Organizations

bulletAfrican Parrot Society
Great information on Greys, Poicephalus & Vasa
bulletAmerican Cockatiel Society
Supports Cockatiel breeders
bulletAmerican Federation of Aviculture
Support for breeders with newletter
bulletAvicultural Society of Tucson
Informative Site
bulletKentuckiana Feathered Friends
Louisville, Kentucky
bulletNetPets (Birds)
List of Bird Clubs and Societies
bulletNorth American Cockatiel Society
Cockatiel bird club
bulletParrot Society of Australia
Australia's largest parrot society
bulletRaleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society
Very diversified North Carolina membership from owners to Avian Vets
bulletSociety of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
Members and Event Calendar
bulletThe Pinellas Bird Club
Clearwater, Florida
bulletTri-Counties Bird Club
Redding, California
bulletZebra Finch Society - USA
United States look at finches

Bird Supplies & Miscellany

bulletAvi-Science, Inc.
Manufacturer of Dr. D's Plant-Pro Pellets
bulletAvian Specialties
Bird supplies and food
bulletDrs. Foster & Smith
All Pet bird supplies
bulletEight in One (8in1)
Pet food and care products
bulletFeather Fantasy
Various hard-to-find bird products
bulletHagen Avicultural Research Institute
Nutritional products and research papers
Full line of foods plus GOOD bird information
bulletLafeber Company
Nutritional foods
bulletMargaret A. Wissman, DVM, DABVP
Author and lecturer on avian and exotic animal medicine (Avian Veterinarian used by Kinary Aviaries)
Species-specific pet food supplements and complete diets for birds
Good prices on supplements
bulletPet Bird
Up At Six Aviary - Bird products and supplies
bulletPretty Bird
In the field of exotic pet nutrition
Specialty bird foods
bulletThe Classy Parrot
Specializing in Organic & Natural Products
bulletAir Purifiers
Effective at removing very small particles from the air, such as 'bird dust'
Exceptional Diets for Extraordinary Animals

Bird Rescue Sites

bulletBird HotLine
World-Wide lost and found
bulletBird Placement Program
Parma, Ohio
bulletMidwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services
Bird Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary Links
bulletPapegaaienpark Veldhoven
Foundation of The Dutch Parrot Refuge
bulletParrot Rehabilitation Society
Homeless, unwanted, or abused parrots are rehabilitated for adoption. San Diego, CA
bulletPuget Sound Parrot Rescue
Providing unwanted, neglected, abused and/or orphaned parrots good homes
Southeast Texas Avian Rescue
bulletThe Oasis Sanctuary Foundation. Ltd.
Scottsdale, Arizona
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